Driven on Purpose

Great companies are built on transformational purpose!

It is easy to forget, but business is all about people.

As the Entrepreneurial Journey diagram below depicts, economies are born from those who need goods and services and those that provide goods and services. It starts with the entrepreneurial quest for a dream lifestyle by the founding team in an effort of serving the needs of clients in the center of the model. 

When successful, it ends up as a rewarding situation for all involved. Customers receive assistance with achieving their desired outcome, culminating in a boost in the quality of their life. Founders then capture master and meaning as well as economic rewards.  

As a founder, when this is not successful, it is a nightmare. It is easy to get frustrated by not understanding how to turn your passion into a business. Not knowing how to leverage your skills to earn a living. Not knowing who you want to serve. 

Are you Driven on Purpose 

Do you know your why?

Defining your 'why' can be challenging. Using the chart above, the dark blue areas of passion, purpose, calling mission, and vision are valid sources and a truly ignited force comes when you solve for all of those areas with a single business venture.  

Do you know who your ideal client is? 

From your foundational why you can then decide whom you can help, in what market, solving which problem. This is the first of the yellow bubbles and is a key component of reinforcing your why. You must ensure that you really want to serve your identified tribe.

Have you identified your greatest market opportunity?

With an identified tribe, the next yellow bubble to address is finding your greatest market opportunity within their pains and gains. Then taking this discovery to the next level you must identify the transformational dreams of your tribe that will boost their quality of life. 

Have you identified your calling? 

Then before you embark on the delivery of the perfect solution for your tribe, it is important to circle back and ensure that all of your blue circle elements culminate into a compelling calling. Meaning that serving this tribe, with these problems, to achieve this transformation gets you excitedly jumping out of bed every morning.  

Do you know what meaningful reward you will receive?

The primary rewards for serving your client are dotted bubbles on the chart. Economic rewards are universal and easy to understand, yet the opportunity for founders and employees alike to seek greater meaning from their work and develop mastery in their field are also more powerful with transformational products.

Rewarding Human Centric Foundation

The flywheel of transformational products begins with serving your clients on a more heart-centric level. 

This not only does this orient you to better service your clients true needs, but it also creates a more rewarding working culture that is fueled with a sense of purpose. 

The flywheel then comes full circle through the refueling power of the gratitude received which is 10x higher than typical offers. In turn a culture infused with grit and determination emerges.

Benefits of Being Driven On Purpose

Understand Your Foundational WHY

Transformational products built on purpose target making a measurable impact. This establishes a stronger sense of purpose and meaning and a stronger culture.

Connect With Your Purpose

Transformational products built on purpose infuses corporate culture with intangible benefits such as grit, determination, and innovation.

Identify Your Ideal Customer

Transformational products built on purpose connect your capabilities with the needs of a wanting tribe lead to higher value offers. This is what creates an offer that sells itself.

Leverage Your Superhero Abilities

Transformational products built on purpose utilize the capabilities of the founding team to ensure that you bring optimal customer value to the market. 

Develop Your Unfair Advantage

Transformational products built on purpose establish a greater understanding and closer connection with your tribe - allowing you to continually stay ahead of the competition. 

Capture Your Dream Lifestyle

Transformational products built on purpose not only focused on customer value. They recognize the needs of the organization and provide founder and employee rewards.


Launch Academy

Sometimes a calling emerges from life events that motivates an entrepreneur into starting a new venture. 

Other times the drive to start a new business is there, but the uncertainty of what business to start prevents them from starting. 

Or maybe an idea emerges and yet it is unclear on how to bring the solution to the market to ensure the best chance at success. 

These are the challenges that the Launch Academy solves.

It helps founders ensure that they start with a firm foundational purpose, develop a customer centric vision, and identify a human centric growth base to build their venture upon.