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Because without profit... it is only a hobby. 

program synopsis

Product Market Fit

Product Market Fit is an almost mythical landmark in the entrepreneurial world. That is, until you understand the mechanics of being able to achieve it. Then you learn that it is simply a muscle power that requires a certain set of exercises to build strength. 

That is what this program is all about. Identifying the machinery around becoming a world-class Product Market Fit lifter and being able to perform the feat time and time again.  


The Entrepreneurs Dilemma

The typical gap between a potential solution and an explosive market product is wider than the grand canyon. A gap only dwarfed by the typical entrepreneur's overestimation that they are the same thing. Yes, iterating from a potential solution to a viable product is one way to play the game. However, it is the hardest way imaginable and not a journey wished on anyone. Thankfully, there is a better way - systematically work through the proper phases of discovery:

Customer Discovery

Pains & Gains

Develop a clear understanding of driving customer pain points.

Jobs & Task

Catalog core jobs and tasks performed by users.

Desired Outcomes

Identify the resulting outcomes that buyers seek.

Opportunity Discovery

Key Challenges

Locate challenges preventing the buyer from achieving goals.


Learn friction points to eliminated for an ideal solution.


Identify market opportunities primed for explosive growth.

Product Discovery

Mock Experiences

Prove an understanding of the core product factors with minimal investment.

Prototypes & MVPs

Validate an ability to productize the core experience in a way that consumers love.

Product Development

Iterate from the MVP to develop the core experience into a viable market product.

who is this for

Who Profits from Transformation-Led Discovery?

SaaS Builders

Transformational SaaS products lead to high performance, premium priced offers because they deliver real results that cut through complex buying cycles. 

Course Creators

Courses that offer true transformational service experience quicker sales, 10x higher completion rates, and considerably lower refund rates which equates to much higher profits.  


Transformational signature programs command greater market pricing because they more effectively deliver results that customers want while also building in layers of services that can be offered.


Becoming a tribe's trusted advisor puts you into the drivers seat to develop consulting packages that deliver high value results, thus providing multiple  premium pricing options that sell quickly.

Executives & Owners

It is no secret that businesses who provide higher value results to their customers capture greater profit, yet the benefits of such clarity also create profit through additional multipliers that maximize productivity.

Personalized Assistance

Strong profit comes from achieving product market fit and this program offers all businesses a proven path to getting there, but with personalize assistance the path can be shortened even further.  

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