Are you Winning the Software Business Game?

Eliminate the Product Creation Guesswork with the Execution Blueprint


Engineering explosive growth into your market offer is achieved by leveraging the LACKSTACK Execution Blueprint and scientifically understanding your consumer with the 3-dimensional consumer behavioral modeling.

This program powers up your skills in three critical areas:   

  • Customer Discovery
    • Learn the interview technique that allows you to capture bias-free market feedback. 
    • Identify the desired outcomes and ideal solution delivery techniques.
    • Understand how to map your consumer touchpoints across their transformational journey.
    • Ensure that you achieve Message-Market-Fit by being able to clearly articulate tribe problems.
  • Opportunity Identification & Winning Offer Validation
    • Establish an irresistible market offer and test it in the market before going all in.
    • Identify how to start your tribe movement and build your email list.
  • Go-To-Market Planning and Execution
    • Plan a thorough content blitz that creates a paying customer attraction flywheel.
    • Plan and test over a half-dozen market funnels leveraging your irresistible market offer. 
    • Establish a comprehensive go-to-market strategy.

In other words, this is your paint by numbers approach to discover what people want and how to get them to buy it!

Cracking the Product Creation Code

There is a distinct difference from thinking you are on the right track and KNOWING that you are on the right track. This is a level of confidence that you can only realize when you build momentum day after day — iteratively propelling on yesterday's success.

Step-by-step drawing closer to achieving product success.

It rarely comes from randomly grinding. No, pray and spray strategies that "throw stuff at the wall to see what sticks" will not cut it. Instead, success requires following a prescriptive path, driven by undeniable — although rarely understood — ideals.

That is what this program is about. It is about joining the Lackstacker family by learning how to seize an unfair advantage that allows you to serve your clients at a higher level.

Product Market Fit Treasure Map

Joe M. - Boston

Wait ... can you just not teach anyone else this stuff for 6 months? 

... because now that I have your secrets, I think if I just get a 6 month lead on the competition then they will never be able to catch up with me. 

Explosive By Design Program Details

Tools, Tips, and Processes ... they are all useful means of creating more purposeful execution. Alone, they are not enough. If they are not connected by guiding principles, then they are just more random bits of advice that you can get from your barista.

No, what you need are tools that reinforce strategic methodologies and stack together to create a strategic multiplier effect. More so, you want a program like this to be an investment that provides something that you wouldn't easily come up with on your own. You want sage advice like you would get from yourself, if you time-traveled back 50 years to educate yourself about all the problems that you will make, so that you could do it better the second time around.

Since I cannot teach you time-travel, the next best thing I could offer was to pack this program with powerful, strategic and foundational concepts and easy to follow tools. 

The topics include:

Mindset and Methodologies

  • The Execution Blueprint - a guide for problem discovery, solution mocking, and focused execution.
  • APFADS Transformation Management - step-by-step management of human transformational journeys.
  • The FISHBOWL Ecosystem - human-centric businesses are table stakes for a fanatical customer following.
  • BE a SUPER Wizard - turn on the gravitational force that attracts people to you.
  • BE SUPER for Your Heroes - assist them courageously.

With a solid foundation established, you will find an array of unique tools that are exclusive to this program. Tools that stack together to reinforce the mindset shifts and methodologies required tackle particular tricky validation activities. 

These tools are categorized in the three core validation stages:

Problem Space Tools (Message-Market Fit)

  • Perfect Tribe of Heroes Canvas
  • Voice of the Hero Interview Script Canvas
  • Voice of the Hero Testimonial Analysis Canvas
  • Competitive Testimonial Analysis Canvas
  • Consumer FISHBOWL Sentiments Canvas
  • 1-2-3 Zing Canvas
  • FISHBOWL Ecosystem Canvas
  • Hero and Buyer Desired Outcomes Matrix Canvas
  • Hero and Buyer Involvement Matrix Canvas
  • Philosophers' Stone Canvas (Yes, Really)

Solution Space Tools (Solution-Market Fit)

  • Consumer Storyboard Canvas
  • 1-5-10 Startup Pitch Canvas
  • The Enchanted Offer Canvas
  • Headline and Advertisement Canvases
  • Presentation Software Mock-ware Validation
  • Ad Campaign to Landing Page Validation

Product Space Tools (Product-Market Fit)

  • 10^3 Grimoire Canvas (start your movement)
  • 9+ Marketing Funnel Plan-and-Test Canvases
  • Comprehensive Go-To-Market Strategy Canvas
  • Cauldron of Dreams Canvas (content planning)

Is this program right for you?

There are legitimate reasons why this program is not right for you. Frankly, it is not right for everyone. I purposefully created this program for certain people. It is for action takers who are actively looking for advantages to speed up their success and eliminate all the frustrating chaos. It is for people who are ready to shift their mindset and actively apply these new systems and tools to their business.

These mavericks are fed up with hearing they simply need to do this or that. They realize that they need a new holistic perspective that eliminates their blind spots.

Your First Lesson is Free

Perception vs Reality

When capturing Voice of Customer information, it is essential to catalog what you hear without judgment. This is because what the customer says is 100% correct, to them. It does not matter if it is 100% accurate in terms of reality.

Is this an important distinction? Extremely. Let's walk through a couple of scenarios:

First, imagine a case where you talked to 100 customers about a flat tire situation. Each of them explained the same problem - I had a flat tire. Great, they are all Problem Aware. Next, many of them knew lots of different solutions to fix the problem, and all agreed that in the end, what they wanted was their tire repaired so they could drive the car again. Perfect, they are all Solution Aware. In this case, your understanding of the problems and solutions matched the customer. If you have a product or service that helped with this problem and can transform them back to a fully functioning car state, then you know how to talk to your customers and what they want.

Second, imagine the case below. The list on the left came from interviews with Entrepreneurs and Executives who explained the reasons that they experienced startup or product failures.

However, after digging deeper with them, I recognized that while they were all absolutely right ... they were also dead wrong. It turns out that they had identified surface level problems but lacked an understanding of what the optimal post-transformation state really looked like, so they could not tell me what the true root problem was that they experienced - shown in the list provided on the right. 

Perceived Problems

  • Poor Marketing & Sales / Bad Location
  • Idea was Ahead of it's Time
  • Ran Out of Cash / Profitability Issues
  • Poor Leadership / Poor Planning

Problems in Reality

  • Lack of Unique Selling Proposition
  • Lack of Compelling Problem to Resolve
  • Lack of Message-Market Fit
  • Lack of Purposeful Action

The key here is that if I were to market to this group, I could not have successfully sold them on the root causes (on the right) because it would not resonate with them. Instead, I would have to use their language (on the left) to convince the audience that I understood them.

You see, only after you confirm that you understand your customer, even if they are miss informed about their exact problem or solution, can you call them to action. 

Benefits for your Journey

With the following benefits, you are guaranteed to move forward more confidently:

  • Know what product ideas you must execute against
  • Know what product ideas you must avoid executing against
  • Know how to validate your problem assumptions without bias
  • Know what problems you are solving and what the transformation means to your perfect hero
  • Know what solutions ideas you should test
  • Know how to mock the experience of your possible solutions
  • Know how to develop the learning mindset that commercial giants like Google use to dominate
  • Know how to market your solution so that your customers take action
  • Save countless hours experimenting to find what works and put that time into actually making money

Is This Solution For You?

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Jason Carver

Creator of Explosive by Design

About the author

I have spent the last 20+ years in startup ventures of all sizes & phases and have found no greater joy than seeing the impossible enter into existence.

Early in my career, this joy came as a developer pounding out code and later shifted to building company cultures and profitable product lines. 

Now, I enjoy supporting Entrepreneurs and Executives on their quest to build thriving, vibrant businesses that conjure pivotal products for epic Hero journeys.

What others think about these concepts

Purposeful action wins every time. 

"A woodpecker can tap twenty times on a thousand trees and get nowhere, but stay busy. Or he can tap twenty-thousand times on one tree and get dinner."

Seth Godin
- The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit

Time is your most precious asset.

"Time – the one asset none of us are ever going to get more of."

Gary Vaynerchuk

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you do not feel like you get 10x value from this program, then just let me know ANY TIME during the first 30 days, prove to me that you took massive purposeful action, and I will happily refund your FULL payment.

Yes, that's right. Risk-free.

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