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Explosive By Design Program Details

Tools, Tips, and Processes ... they are all useful means of creating more purposeful execution. Alone, they are not enough. If they are not connected by guiding principles, then they are just more random bits of advice that you can get from your barista.

No, what you need are tools that reinforce strategic methodologies and stack together to create a strategic multiplier effect. More so, you want a program like this to be an investment that provides something that you wouldn't easily come up with on your own. You want sage advice like you would get from yourself, if you time-traveled back 50 years to educate yourself about all the problems that you will make, so that you could do it better the second time around.

Since I cannot teach you time-travel, the next best thing I could offer was to pack this program with powerful, strategic and foundational concepts and easy to follow tools. 

The topics include:

Mindset and Methodologies

  • The Execution Blueprint - a guide for problem discovery, solution mocking, and focused execution.
  • APFADS Transformation Management - step-by-step management of human transformational journeys.
  • The FISHBOWL Ecosystem - human-centric businesses are table stakes for a fanatical customer following.
  • BE a SUPER Wizard - turn on the gravitational force that attracts people to you.
  • BE SUPER for Your Heroes - assist them courageously.

With a solid foundation established, you will find an array of unique tools that are exclusive to this program. Tools that stack together to reinforce the mindset shifts and methodologies required tackle particular tricky validation activities. 

These tools are categorized in the three core validation stages:

Problem Space Tools (Message-Market Fit)

  • Perfect Tribe of Heroes Canvas
  • Voice of the Hero Interview Script Canvas
  • Voice of the Hero Testimonial Analysis Canvas
  • Competitive Testimonial Analysis Canvas
  • Consumer FISHBOWL Sentiments Canvas
  • 1-2-3 Zing Canvas
  • FISHBOWL Ecosystem Canvas
  • Hero and Buyer Desired Outcomes Matrix Canvas
  • Hero and Buyer Involvement Matrix Canvas
  • Philosophers' Stone Canvas (Yes, Really)

Solution Space Tools (Solution-Market Fit)

  • Consumer Storyboard Canvas
  • 1-5-10 Startup Pitch Canvas
  • The Enchanted Offer Canvas
  • Headline and Advertisement Canvases
  • Presentation Software Mock-ware Validation
  • Ad Campaign to Landing Page Validation

Product Space Tools (Product-Market Fit)

  • 10^3 Grimoire Canvas (start your movement)
  • 9+ Marketing Funnel Plan-and-Test Canvases
  • Comprehensive Go-To-Market Strategy Canvas
  • Cauldron of Dreams Canvas (content planning)